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Didn't We Learn Anything From Kimmer?

Have we not learned anything from Kimmer's/Heidi Diaz's reign while at LCF?
How about the idea that the
don't ask, don't tell policy will not work when it comes to believing the claims of those on the internet?

When a new member, by the name of Dee-who was at the time pro-kimkins, began to post on the FWK thread I found myself needing to question why there were holes in her story. When I couldn't get a straight answer from Dee I found that my belief in what she was saying began to wane even more. But what I really found shocking is what seemed to be the fact, that many were defending Dee's right to be given the benefit of the doubt and to give her space. Under normal circumstances this would be a reasonable request, but after dealing with Heidi's deception and in the mist of a pending class action lawsuit the circumstances are not normal.

I also found the perception, that the person being asked questions was somehow being attacked, very shocking. This is taking into account the fact that Kimmer was allowed to grow and cultivate her lies on LCF, because no one was allowed to question her without others defending her right to not have to back up her claims.

Kimmer/Heidi made claims that the starvation mode doesn't exist or how a person that was obese could live off the extra fat on their body and even commented that one could fast away 100 plus pounds. All of these claims either went unchallenged or if they were questioned the person asking the questions was made out to be an attacker.

It all began to seem like extreme
Déjà vu when Dee began stating how she was successful on kimkins but then did a complete 180 degree turnaround shortly thereafter. How her claims and accusations could not be referenced with any accuracy began to sound off warning bells in my head.

Then a member by the name of Lisa Rae posted this comment and although, her comments were not regarding Dee in particular, her post did ring address some of my concerns about the recent events.
The concern of how we don't seem to have learned the most important lesson of all from Kimmer....
That it is necessary to question those things that are extreme, that don't make sense and the need to validate statements to make an informed decision. Those individuals that are being truthful usually do not have a problem with these type of questions and want to share as much as they can about their journey.

Don't be afraid to question authority!! - Low Carb Friends
Below are the excellent points made by Lisa Rae
...[...]..Now let me also state..I have been on this board a long time. I did have an on-line relationship with Kimmer that was defiantly Hot and Cold (LOL) I often confronted her about her "ideas and theories" way before her Kimkins took off.

I also took a lot of heat from her followers whenever I questioned her unusual ideas. She aslo could be very suportive to me as a single mom struggling on my own. when I came back here a few months ago..I was curious to see the Kimkins Posting area. Having known her before and after her fall, I was interested to see what was being said. I found many people there still very angry and upset ( which I totally get..really) and when I asked why there were 16+ posts ( with dozens of pages for each were talking hundreds of pages here) still venting about Kimmers..I was basically told that they never wanted anyone else to go through what they did.
Cool..I again get that. I figured with as much passion as people had to expos her..that they would not let it happen again...right?
Now ( yeah, I know..I tend to be very long winded...sorry!!) pan to this past week.

I like to read the boards and give an opinion or info if I can. I have seen at least 2 different posters giving advice to me that sounded totally extreme..and possibly dangerous.( definatly not what I have read in any low-carb book or article) I really expected after the whole Kimkins disaster..for someone..anyone to question the advice that was given.

Guess what..NOPE! Not one question was asked.
People just seemed to assume the posters knew what they were talking about and jumped right on the bandwagon! I was FLOORED!
Don't get me wrong..I am in no way saying *I* have the answers and they don't. What I am saying is why aren't people questioning these low-carb experts? Why are they assuming because someone posts a's a true pick or their real stats..( and again..I'm not talking about a specific person...but all postings) it seems like the past ( which isn't even really the past yet) could so easily be re-lived and I'm just amazed.

Heres a few things to ponder..if thinking of taking advice from someone.
1. would you eat the way they suggest around family and friends? If yes, could you explain why your eating that way?

2. what kind of results are reasonable and realistic? What are they saying the results are likely to be? do they coencide?

3. would you tell your doctor your eating this way? If no, why not?

I know I sound very negative, but really I'm concerned. I've seen too many people not take the time to read or educate themselves about what they are doing. This "jump on the bandwagon" mentality, has had some dire consequences for many people on this board and in the diet world in general ( anyone else rememeber phen-fen??)
I hope people get that my heart is in the right place... I would absolutly never want another person to jeoperdise their health by going to extremes.
I truly believe the saying,
"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" PLEASE, question authority, especially where your health is concerned. You don't get a second body..[..]..

EXCELLENT words to live by Lisa!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Stamp out Carbs and Hunger.

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Rid your pantry of carbohydrates, while helping rid your community of hunger.

I have recently decided to rededicate myself to making my home lowcarb for the many health benefits, as well as the weight loss benefits. In my effort to cook more lowcarb meals, I have realized that as long as there are the high carb items in the pantry, I am going to have to battle my family in convincing them that chips are not alowcarb option. I also will have to battle myself when the cravings hit.

So I thought why not help others by donating the food, while implementing our families lifestyle change? This way we can reap two benefits with one action- Our pantry will be lowcarb and we will be providing food for those who may not have otherwise had food.

While considering my options I found the Stamp out Hunger Food Drive, that is taking place nationwide on Saturday, May 10th, 2008. This food drive is done in conjunction with the US postal carriers, hence the reference to the "stamp".

It is easy to participate and it helps a good cause- hunger. You simply package up your nonperishable food items and your mailman will pick them up to deliver them to a local food bank.

That simple.

You can get your friends and family involved too, by sending them an email of the event. Visit the Stamp out Hunger Food Drive website to find out more and to verify that your carrier is participating.
So clean out the carbs and mark your calendar for May 10th and help "Stamp out Hunger"!

National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive - Get Involved On May 10th, 2008 -

Join me on Saturday, May 10th for Stamp Out Hunger™ — the nation's largest annual single-day food drive! The more people who help, the more successful we'll be, so forward this to your friends, too.To learn more, tell a friend or download materials to promote this cause, visit:


On Saturday May 10th, letter carriers in more than
10,000 communities will collect food items and deliver
them to local food banks to help some of the millions of

Americans, including an estimated 13 million children,
who face hunger every day.

Since 1993, families have donated more than a half-billion
pounds of food to Stamp Out Hunger.
You can help make this year our most successful ever.

Simply place bags filled with nonperishable food items like canned meats and fish, canned soup, juice, pasta, vegetables, cereal and rice next to your mailbox on Saturday, May 10th*.

Your letter carrier will pick up the bags and deliver them to your local food bank.

* Please do not include out-of-date items or those in glass containers.

pic source -

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

Thursday, April 3, 2008

SingingLass What Are You Willing To Do?

I originally wrote this blog post on my other blog in October 2007, but I thought it was still applicable to SingingLass' situation, since she is still under Heidi's/Kimmer's control.
-SingingLass what are you willing to do? « HoneyBee’s Blog

Earlier today a LCF member brought up the term- Authoritarian. Here is part of her quote-

Originally Posted by tiggerr: Authoritarian (SNIPPED) This character type is appealing, charismatic, strong. The Authoritarian is also considered to be amoral. Their ‘followers’ are very outspoken about what they are told by their ‘leader’ and resist anything that counters their beliefs. Their leaders truth is the truth, anything else is lies and conspiracy. (kk she is the Authoritarian type. Dead on.)

This reminded me of a series of social psychology experiments called “The Milgram experiment”.

These were performed by the Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram. The study participants had to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that went against their moral and personal structure.

I am sure others are familiar with a portion of the experiments: The experimenter (authority figure) orders the subject (1) to give what the subject believes are painful electric shocks to another subject (2), who is actually an actor.

The subject(1) believed that for each wrong answer, the subject(2) was receiving actual shocks, but in reality there were no shocks. Now the subject who was “supposedly” receiving the shocks would play the part by screaming and crying out in pain during the testing but subject (1) would continue to give the shocks based on the direction of the authority figure, who was in this case was a stern biology professor.

Here is a quote from wikipedia regarding the experiment- “After a number of voltage level increases, the actor started to bang on the wall that separated him from the subject. After several times banging on the wall and complaining about his heart condition, all responses by the subject (2) would cease.

At this point, many people indicated their desire to stop the experiment and check on the subject (2). Some test subjects(1) paused at 135 volts and began to question the purpose of the experiment. Most continued after being assured that they would not be held responsible.

A few subjects began to laugh nervously or exhibit other signs of extreme stress once they heard the screams of pain coming from the learner{test subject 2}.

If at any time the subject (1) indicated his desire to halt the experiment, he was given a succession of verbal prods by the experimenter, in this order:
-Please continue.
-The experiment requires that you continue.
-It is absolutely essential that you continue.
-You have no other choice, you must go on.”

The Yale senior-year psychology majors were polled prior to the experiment as to the percentage of those participating that would give the full electrical shock.
They gave a 1.2% estimate….
Do you know what the actual percentage was of those WILLING to give the maximum voltage? .......
………..the experiment proved to show 65% would give the full electrical shock.
Do know what the maximum voltage was that they thought they were giving? . . . . . .

450 VOLTS!!!

The point for SingingLass to consider is that we as humans given a certain environment can act against our own morals and ethics. This becomes easier when we are put in a controlled situation and instructed by an Authoritarian type figure that it is fine to behave in this manner. If you read the description of an Authoritarian it reads just like KIMMER, t
hen there is SingingLass pressing the buttons.

SingingLass, six months have passed since I originally wrote this post, but I still must ask you what are you willing to do and do you realize what you have done?

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Heidi Diaz Adds More illegal Business Practices to Her Résumé.

I was reviewing some of the business practices at Kimkins and thought -Does Kimmer not know when to stop? I think the answer is- No!....Thus, the résumé of what reads as one illegal act after another continues.

So much for that Business Administration degree, eh Heidi.

  • Fraudulent Success Stories- Check
  • Lifting pics from aRussian Bride sites- Check
  • Instruction on a WOE that is equal to learning an Eating Disorder- Check
  • Viral Internet Marketing- Check
  • Hiding Member's Health Side-effects by Censorship and intimidation- Check
  • Illegal Banning of Members- Check
  • Copyright Infringement...still- Check

The copyright infringement continues at, even after the owner, Heidi Diaz- a.k.a Kimmer, has been notified by the writer or artist of the copyrighted material.

The following is one example written by Deanna Glick and appeared originally at

Mag apologizes for Kimkins story - That's Fit

Posted: Mar 10th 2008 5:00PM by Deanna Glick
Filed under: Diet and Weight Loss
The Kimkins saga continues. If you haven't been following the story, you may want to check out our previous coverage on the subject. But basically, Kimkins is an Internet-based starvation diet scam that's drawn scrutiny and investigation in the past year or so. And a class action lawsuit, being joined by former Kimkins members who have suffered ill health due to following the so-called diet, is in the works.

According to a recent Consumer Affairs story, Woman's World Magazine issued an apology to its readers a few weeks ago for a story that appeared in the publication several months ago boasting about Kimkins. But the apology certainly didn't mean the fat 300-pound woman behind the scam -- who publishes fake "after" photos that are identified as her on the web site -- had to pay back any of the $1.2 million in membership fees that were paid in the booming months following the feature story.

But as a victim myself, I am happy to see anything that exposes Kimkins. No, I didn't pay membership fees and I've never followed the "diet." But the woman running the show did steal my words from another web site to put up on her own. She gave credit to the web site, but not to me. Either way, she never sought permission to publish the article. And when asked to remove it from her site, simply switched the accessibility of the page to members only. I don't know why she's so intent on keeping my words for members' viewing. The article was about managing type 1 diabetes. It must have been the title, Food Frugality, that caught her eye. But as with most words, context is everything.

As the pending class action lawsuit continues to gain momentum it becomes clear to me, that the only way to stop Heidi Diaz's business practices is to have her answer for them in a court of law.

Check out the blog Say No to Kimkins to view more on this topic.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fawn Sans Smilies Or Kimkins.

Definition- Fawn v.- try to gain favor by cringing or flattering;

Synonyms: fawn1, apple-polish, bootlick, kowtow, slaver1, toady, truckle-These verbs mean to curry favor by behaving obsequiously and submissively:

I had always found Fawn’s posts at kimkins to be over the top. They were long posts, with various colors, fonts and more glitter and smilies than one of those terrible obligatory, souvenir t-shirts , but I thought if that is her style- then so be it. But then, when the random outbursts of cussing and head spinning rants started, it made be wonder what happened to all the rainbows and butterflies! So I really shouldn’t have been surprised when I found her profile in an alternative lifestyle website….could this be agentlefawn? Yes! There she was without a smilie in sight!


Now, when I began to search for a connection between Heidi Diaz and other potential internet businesses she may be involved in, I automatically thought of pornography and drugs. I mean where else do most criminals decide to invest their money to watch it grow? I was guessing that most cons don’t put their illegal gains into a savings account or an IRA.

The first odd link that came up was with the words “Jeannie Baitinger florida”. I posted about on LCF on Nov 29, 2007 and it was clear from the placement of the terms, that this was random, and didn’t have anything to do with the website.

It would seemed that someone had added Jeannie’s name throughout some websites that promoted porn and some that sold pharmaceutical drugs on the internet. The timing of the word placement, being right before Jeannie was to appear on national TV, narrowed down the possibilities of who would know there would be an increase search of her name in the near future. To me all evidence made Kimmer/Heidi Diaz suspect of being the one behind the act. This seemed to confirm my suspicions of Heidi’s other business interests.

After being told that a general search of “agentlefawn” turned up a board that discussed the lifestyle of Domination and submission (BDSM) -I thought this could be the link to Heidi Diaz and the pornography industry. Fawn had always been such a Devout follower of Kimmer, that I didn’t find it too off course to believe that Kimmer was in the domination role and Fawn in the submissive role in that relationship.

I began to search Fawn’s information because I felt at this point Heidi Diaz knew better than to be out there on the internet using the screen name “Kimmer” or any other variation, and the only way to track her down was through other means. In this case I was looking at Fawn as being the way to find any businesses that Heidi could own in the BDSM or porn world. Then about a month ago I found Fawn’s profile as Ebony2006.

I had this information but hadn’t posted it or blogged about it. But then when I read the ambiguous post on Fawn’s blog regarding a “Criminal Investigation” and then her reply to Medusa’s comments, it seemed that something was amiss. Here is an excerpt of their exchange, but you can view the now deleted blog post of Fawn’s at Medusa’s as well as the comments between them in full.

Medusa- “what is happening?”
Fawn- Let’s just say someone used something of mines without permission.”
“Summary: A situation came up that something that belongs to me was used elsewhere on the net without my knowledge or consent and it was investigated in a matter of hours, shut down and handled with legal proceedings swiftly cause if it was left up to me, I would have been done something because I have a short temper but my people had to calm me down and sh-t “

Ok, so this got me to thinking - Talk about timing! How is it that Fawn has suddenly now be informed that her image is out there in the internet world?… OR…. Did she realize she had been seen on various websites?…Since I point blank asked her recently on her blog -if she had met Heidi Diaz on an alternative adult website.

Then she has this post about criminal investigation and how someone used something that was hers (pictures) and how she got them removed quickly. I agree- The pictures were removed quickly, but I have to consider the timing here. If Fawn didn’t put those images up then she certainly found them fast, because there are a lot of alternative adult BDSM sites out there to have to peruse.

And if Fawn wasn’t the one that put them up then how odd that her profile there showed the user online as of 10am today EST!

Click on the thumbnail below to see the profile as it appeared prior to editing -


I will leave you with a quote from Fawn- Ebony people do NOT play around..well most don’t and I am one of the Most”

Ummmmmm………..I beg to differ there Fawn it looks like Ebony2006 likes to play A LOT

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Former Kimkins Members -Justice Is Calling.

Former Kimkins Members in San Diego County

A fellow blogger, Wildangel at Say No to Kimkins, had the following message:

If you are a former Kimkins member and you reside in San Diego County,

John Tiedt would like to hear from you.

Please email John.

Thank you very much for your help.


I do hope that all former Kimkins members will consider joining the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit. There is strength in numbers. If you have already joined the Lawsuit, please be sure that you get your affidavit to John as soon as possible.

Remember, if you need any help with this, be sure to watch the helpful video.

Thank you!

To Keep An Eye On The Case

All the current court documents can be viewed at the Riverside Court docs

casewatch.jpg Case watch

Art source: This art work is entitled 'Justice Collage'.
The collage was a collaborative entry from John Curtin College of the Arts, Ellen Street Fremantle WA. The Justice Collage was the Western Australian State winner Year 9-11 and received the Chief Justice's award.
Kimkins Diet
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Friday, February 22, 2008

Getting At The Heart Of The Matter- The Risks of Doing Kimkins

There have been some changes going on over at kimkin’s homepage, these began right before the court matters earlier in the week. Heidi Diaz, the Kimmer, is no longer on the frontpage doing her diet challenge for everyone to view. I believe one reason she decided to remove her pictures was the fact that they appeared to have been manipulated with photoshop, and why would this be done? Well, one explanation could be that it was necessary in order to shave off the pounds that Kimmer is claiming to have lost….yet again! The other reason she may have stepped down is the fact that she had a perfect member to take her place and that is the purpose of my post today, new showcased member- Laurala

This new showcased member is one who actually lost weight and looks great. My first reaction when seeing the member Laurala on the frontpage was what a beautiful person, who must be so proud of their weight loss. The member was a new name to me, so I had to research who was this person who magically appeared on the homepage. I mean after the Russian Brides, let’s just say believing a success story doesn’t come easily to me.But what I found was much worse than a Russian bride filling in as a fake member. I found a real member, whose posts made me very concerned for her well-being.Laurala’s post are full of enthusiasm for life and support of the other KK members. Her words gave me the impression that she is truly a kind person and one that has faced many recent challenges in her life. As I read more I truly became concerned for the member, so I posted the following at LCF to see if others had some feedback or maybe someone who knew her could reach the member and verify the situation.
My Post
….What came as a huge, I mean huge shock to me, was the posts I read about the new member on the front page. The member looks wonder and I think she truly has lost the weight. She appears to be a real success in losing the weight. However, I was distressed when I read that the member had started KK on 1-25-07 and 6 months later became ill in August of that year. She was having breathing difficulties and thought she had asthma, but then ended up in the hospital.
The diagnosis- CHF -CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE! She posted about this diagnosis on 8-23-07 or so and then was gone from kimkins. She returned in 12-27-07 and started back posting about doing kimkins. Her plan was to do bootcamp for a week, K/E for a week and then get right back into Kimkins. She is doing KK with exercising/weight lifting and to say the least I am deeply concerned that she is doing more harm to her already struggling heart.Why the fascination with Kimmer? #14 - Page 36 - Low Carb Friends
So now you can understand why I was deeply concerned for the KK member. The negative health side-effects, that can result from doing a very low calorie diet (vLCD), have been discussed on the blogs and forums, but the fact that the patient was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure after being on Kimkins for 6 months alarmed me. But then to read she came back…well, my by jaw hit the floor! WTH?

A person with a perfect heart and no history of CHF, is risking their heart health by doing a vLCD like Kimkins, but then factor in the difficulties when dealing with CHF and a precarious situation begins to emerge.A diet that is classified as a very low calorie diet (<800>A breakdown of the heart muscle occurs, if the calories of a diet are too low or the protein is not adequate to cover the energy expenditure of the body.Electrolyte problems can emerge in those who drastically reduce calories and then have “refeed days” or increase their calorie intake quickly.The QT wave of the heart can also become altered based on electrolyte imbalance and that will result in arrhythmias. Those risks do not even take into account the difficult time CHF patients have regulating their electrolytes in general. Doing Kimkins- as a congestive heart failure patient- is like throwing gasoline on a fire. Things can get out of hand, FAST!

An article in the CMAJdescribes the risks to the heart while on a vLCD-
The heart is not spared in malnutrition. The decrease in cardiac output in the starved patient is matched by various compensatory mechanisms such that cardiac failure is unusual. With refeeding, reversal of these mechanisms occurs and congestive heart failure may be precipitated before the reversal of myocardial atrophy, even in the absence of other cardiac disease.
The malnourished patient is at increased risk during major surgery, and preoperative nutritional therapy may be indicated. Chronic cardiac failure often results in a malnourished state and, hence, relative myocardial atrophy.Cardiac cachexia and associated cardiac dysfunction may be improved with better nutrition. Rapid weight loss and malnutrition may also be associated with a syndrome of myocardialatrophy, a prolonged QT interval, ventricular arrhythmias and sudden death. Both protein-calorie malnutrition and refeeding have significant implications for the heart.
As I said earlier during refeedings, following a vLCD or following starvation, there is a risk that the process can precipitate cardiac failure and congestive heart failure. This occurrence and mechanism is discussed in the article Malnutrition and the heart- CMAJ-JAMC
Although congestive cardiac failure is rare in malnutrition, it is common during refeeding of the starved patient. “Refeeding edema” and cardiac failure are well known with oral refeeding of severely malnourished patients……[….]……Starvation is associated with a fall in heart rate, blood pressure and blood volume; however, refeeding is associated with a sudden reversal of these compensatory factors. Further, since severe malnutrition may result in interstitial myocardial edema, cardiac compliance may decrease. The malnourished patient may not cope well with increased salt, water and energy loads. Carbohydrate and fat are potent stimuli for the release of catecholamines and activation of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone axis. This further increases blood volume and pressure. Energy intake reverses the natriuresis of the fasting state. Furthermore, catecholamines augment the shift ofpotassium, magnesium and phosphate into cells, with potentially deleterious effects on cardiac function and rhythm.

Below are 17 cases of death in a group of individuals who died suddenly, due to cardiac changes, following a vLCD.While reviewing the study, it is important to keep in mind the points surrounding the individuals that did die: The median age was 35 years old, they had been on the diet from 2 to 8 months, had lost a substantial amount of weight (86lbs), that was stated to be at a rapid rate which computed to 4.6 pounds a week. The level of physician monitoring range from very thorough to infrequent and 11 of the17 were not taking any other medications- besides vitamins/supplements for the diet.

It appears that the rate of weight loss in those patients who died suddenly is comparable to the fast weight loss noted by kimkins members and so was the low calorie level in these cases approximately 300 to 400 calories a day. The patients in the study also took a prenatal vitamin daily, potassium in different dosages, and some also took calcium supplements. The take away point is that, these people who died, were in better nutritional and monitoring situations, than the average kimkins dieter.
The following are 17 cases of death in a group of individuals who died suddenly, due to cardiac changes, following a vLCD Sudden death associated with very low calorie weight reduction regimens

ABSTRACT We studied the cases of 17 individuals who died suddenly of ventricular arrhythmia after prolonged use (median 5 months) of very low calorie weight reduction regimens consisting entirely or largely of protein. The deaths appeared to be independent of type of medical supervision received during the diet, daily dosage of potassium supplementation, and biological quality of the protein product used. Factors common to all cases were marked obesity at the onset of dieting,prolonged use of extremely low calorie diets (approximately 300 to 400 kcal daily), and significant and rapid weight loss. Our review of available electrocardiograms and pathological specimens revealed a pattern of cardiac changes previously described in starvation. We conclude that use of very low calorie weight reduction regimens should be curtailed until further studies determine what modifications, if any, can insure their safety. Am. J. Cliii. Nutr. 34: 453-461, 1981.
Now, to relate that to a person following a very low calorie diet, like Kimkins, we should consider one example of how damage to the heart could occur. One way could be following “refeedings” scenarios.

I am going to use a hypothetical situation, let’s say a KK member-
“Cardia” has been doing the kimkins bootcamp plan for 2 weeks (which is less than 800 calories), then go into doing K/E with a decreased appetite, due to ketosis. They do K/E for 4 weeks, but weight loss stalls so back to bootcamp to kick the weight loss up a notch. At this point the member has been consuming less than 800 calories/day for 6 weeks. “Cardia” makes it through bootcamp for 2 more weeks, but finds her resolve is waning or as Kimmer would say, “they are not tough enough” to stick with the program.

The weekend approaches and the member decides a cheat will not hurt, so she has the pasta with the family and dessert. The cheat ends up being an off kimkins weekend, but the stress of trying to move into a new house, made following the diet impossible. Then while picking up boxes and walking up a set of stairs “Cardia” notices she can hardly catch their breath. She decides to rest, since she must be overdoing it too much and on the verge of a cold or something. I mean who would have thought it was your body telling you that you are destroying your heart. The odd fluttering in her chest stops and it only happens once in awhile anyway.

A few days pass and Cardia continues to have some labored breathing, so she decides to go visit the family physician. Here she fails to mention that she is doing the Kimkins diet, because the physician never asks about her nutrition. Although, the check-in nurse mentions the weight loss when weighing her and comments by saying “good job, how are you doing it”? Cardia only says, “With Kimkins, a low carb diet”, but nothing else is said about the diet. The patient is told they may be reacting to an allergen from their new home, because she has had a runny nose and has had a history of seasonal allergies. She is told to increase her fluids, her antihistamine is changed and a nasal spray is added to her medications. After a couple of days of rest, the kk member is still feeling weak, but decides it is the allergies still bringing her down.

She is determined to push through this and not let a little setback throw her off track. She will not give into her body just wanting her to go back to her bad habits, and that is probably why she even got sick, she thinks to herself, now remembering her weakness and giving in to the temptation of food that weekend. She becomes upset and reminds herself, that she just has to succeed this time. They are having that big house warming party in a month and she is going to fit into that little black dress! She is determined to stick it out! She has changed her WOE and doesn’t want to go back to her old eating habits. Kimkins is helping her lose weight and she decides she is in control now. She will not stop kimkins if she has anything to do with it…..but the problem is she is right or at least partly right. She also gets to wear that black dress, it isn’t to the house warming party as she had planned, but everyone commented on how wonderful she looked as they bid their final farewell.

The above was a hypothetical situation but it doesn’t change the risks involved with the kimkins diet. Laurla, I hope you will take the time to read the concerns that others have for you and research the cardio risks involved with a vLCD. I do understand that you are under doctor’s care, but if you are truly following Kimkins, then I must urge you to take in an exact menu of what you eat, so an evaluation on your actual diet can be made. I do wish you the best in your journey.

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